Types of Birmingham Scaffolding

Scaffolding is used to support construction works. It is a temporary framework. The framework is used around a building to build or repair building and structures. It is one of the essential parts in the construction field. Whether it is for a large building or a smaller house, you just need to use scaffolding service for the construction work. Usually, Birmingham scaffold is made of pipes whereas most of the Asian countries still using bamboo to prepare to the scaffold.

Parts of Scaffold

Generally, scaffold consists of three key parts: pipes/tubes, tubes couplers, and boards. The frame of the scaffold is always attached to the building for support. Attached to structure scaffolding is common in most part, while sometimes it is seldom alone.

The tubes that are used for scaffolding are usually made of aluminum and galvanized steel. Aluminum tubes are preferred for scaffolding because they are lightweight and flexible. It also requires 50 mm to 63 mm seasoned wood board to meet the standards.

Rules and Regulation of scaffolding

When it is about construction work, there are some rules and regulation to scaffolding service in every country. These rules and regulation are maintained strictly in some parts of the world while some other parts don’t emphasize the rules properly. Britain has some strict code for scaffolding services. So, all of the scaffolding companies have to maintain the certain standard of Work Equipment Regulation. Birmingham scaffolding companies have to obey BS 5973 standard code for the safety of employees and the general public.

Based on the size and shape of scaffolds are different in types. Some of them are:

Single fold: This type of scaffold is made by a single row of tubes or pipes to support the structure. Usually, this type of scaffold is used for plastering or painting works.

Bird Cage or Independent Scaffold: This frame is supported by horizontal pipes consisted of 2 or more rows of vertical pipelines. This type of scaffold is used for working with the ceilings.

Swing Stage or Suspended Scaffolds: This type of scaffold is used for washing window. The suspended scaffold allows the works to increase or decreased height.

You will see variation in Birmingham scaffolding, so it is important to choose the perfect type of scaffold for your particular construction work.